COLLIDZ° features some additional functions that can play an important role in taking advantage of the instrument. Whether it concerns the processing of the notes interpreted by the sequencer or the control of certain effect parameters, this chapter describes the use of the MODULATORS.

SKATE - Midi Transposer

SKATE is a device that allows you to refilter the 12 PITCH/COARSE values coming out of the sequencer.

Concretely it is a kind of super-powered Pitch-Bend.

You select the desired MIDI tracks with the assignment buttons, and all the tracks that will be assigned will be modulated by a pitch value ranging from -24 to +24 semitones.

This module has 12 semitone adjustment slots, it is possible to "crossfade" between its value slots using the cursor (symbolized by a large arrow), in order to transpose all the incoming notes.

Arrow (cursor) movements can be recorded on the fly at a BPM-synced tempo.

The chord progression and harmony effect is immediate, depending on whether or not the note tracks are assigned to this global transposition device. 

  • ASSIGN ALL: click this button in order to assign all the incoming note pitches to the transposer.
    • ASSIGN (x12): Assigns each incoming track pitch message individually.
      • SEMITONES (x12): 12 slots each hosting their own semitone value which must be added or subtracted.
        • ARROW: This surface allows automation on one of the 12 slots and to apply its corresponding SEMITONES value in real-time.
          • PLAY: Starts playback of the previously recorded ARROW movement.
            • REC: Start recording the ARROW movement.
              • SMOOTH: Adds a smoother sliding effect to the ARROW movement during playback. Since the recorded automation signal is interpolated, on certain synthesizer tones, this function will look like a GLIDE effect.
                • X2: Doubles the automation record length. Scrolling is displayed at the top of the module, by a hatched progress bar.
                  • SPEED: Sets the automation playback and recording speed.

                    2x LFOs Window

                    COLLIDZ° hides extra modulators that embed 2 LFOs assignable to some effect parameters. You must click on the "LFO" button in order to reveal the control window for this LFO duo.

                    The routing is directly visible on the interface, through the shape of the panel, which describes a kind of circuit. Here are the 5 parameters that can receive a modulation source:

                    • the RESONANCE (signal from the dark mallow LFO) and the PITCH (signal from the green LFO) of the LARSEN effect
                      • the SIZE (signal from the dark mallow LFO), the FREEZE and the SPEED (signal from the green LFO) of the FROST effect

                        The 2 LFOs have these same following parameters :

                        • WAVEFORM : Select the waveform of the LFO among 4 different kinds of signal: Sin, Triangle, Pulse, or Random.
                          • SYMMETRY : Set the symmetry of the LFO waveform (value -1, +1 from 0)
                            • RATE : Set the speed of the LFO (from 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz, middle position = 1Hz)

                              Note : FREEZE buttons can be modulated by both LFOs, but also by the incoming signal generated by the "Audio to Gate converter" (read AUDIO INPUT chapter)