COLLIDZ° wouldn't be a complete music production tool without a modern and substantial suite of effects. The sound tones, rendered by the 4 different synthesis engines, have strong electronic and digital identities, even if they sound vintage and amazingly realistic in some aspects.

But it was important to infuse an acoustic treatment, bringing resonance, dynamism, and that little extra color, in order to make the textures more realistic, sophisticated, more contemporary, and above all, original.

So, there we have :

  • LARSEN - a multipurpose Resiner, Resonator, Saturator, and Filter module.
    • FROST - a real-time Granulator - Freeze effect (micro delay).
      • FEATHER - a selector of ambiances and Reverb types.
        • JUICE - an SSB Radio Filter and Tape machine emulator.


          If it bears this name, it is not because it produces feedback (although it can actually do so), but to warn its user to handle it with caution! LARSEN is an effect as subtle as it can be brutal in the way it operates to process sound.

          This is a module with multiband filters and several delays set to function as a resonator. The result is a sound that is complete re)filtered and resynthesized, which can completely spin out in saturation and feedback, but also operate sound effects sometimes close to a Frequency Shifter.

          This device is very difficult to tame, comes with a suite of 26 cryptic presets, which will allow you to explore the whole range of sound processing.

          LARSEN can still be partially controlled with these 3 parameters:

          RESONANCE which accentuates all filtering peaks,

          PITCH that will control the coarse of the resonators, and at the end,

          DOSE which is acting as a dry/wet control.


          You like this very cold and digital effect, which infuses glitches and stutters in all directions. You will be served with FROST, a fairly minimalist micro delay that essentially acts as a FREEZE effect, in other words, a granular real-time effect.

          SIZE: defines the density and length of the looped sound sample.

          SPEED: sets the playback speed of the loop.

          FREEZE: applies the capture of the loop on the last incoming audio portions.

          DOSE: Dry/wet.


          FEATHER compiles 32 types of reverb and atmospheres, selectable via the MODEL knob. This effect will bring lightness and space to the choice.

          EARLY/LATE knob allows mixing between "Early reflection" and "Late reflection". DOSE acts as a DRY/WET level.


          Make the sound dirty, lofi, twisted, vintage, disintegrated, parasitic, out of order... It's super trendy, but it's also purely fun, in order to add that zest of authenticity that is sometimes lacking in a musical production that is too often clean.

          JUICE will bring what is needed flowing and overflowing in terms of noise and audio artifacts.

          This module is divided into 2 parts:

          - An SSB* RADIO transmitter/filter, which operates the injection of "CRACKLES" and "NOISES", and also makes it possible to filter the incoming signal and make it "LOFI".

          • MIX SSB NOISE: Set the level of noise and crackles injected through the filter.
            • SSB FILTER: Operates a drastic lofi filtering, sometimes very close to a ring modulator. This knob acts as a DRY/WET.
              • AUTO LOAD: This button launches randomized SSB filter settings, a kind of Radio auto-search.

                *SSB = Single Side Band

                This also a TAPE MACHINE emulator that comes with these features:

                - FLUTTER: injects to the audio signal some dynamic instability, with a sensation of fluidity.

                - SHAPE: defines the shape of the FLUTTER modulation.

                - RATE: sets the speed of the FLUTTER effect.

                - WARP: deforms the sound signal as if it were elastic, passing through a cassette tape that is too tight or not very tight.

                - RPM: modulation speed of the WARP effect

                MASTER CHANNEL

                On the bottom left of the instrument, below the tone engines, there is the MASTER CHANNEL module.

                VOLUME OUTPUT as it indicates sets the main level output of the instrument.

                PUMP : this button enables a hided OTT compressor that will drastically re-inflate the incoming signal. Note : Bypassing this effect, can save a lot of CPU on some computers.

                DOSE : set the dry/wet signal of the PUMP/ OTT compressor effect.