For those who know the history of BLINKSONIC° instruments, it is important to underline that the sharp focus is often to provide a unique sound and visual experience.

It's not just about providing a production tool for musicians and sound designers, but also about providing an "audio object" that we will be fun to play with (like video games are). It can even be about offering an autonomous musical process that you can passively listen to.

With COLLIDZ°, the idea is to push the concept of "audio object" further, by providing a generative and autonomous instrument. Kind of sonic mandala.

In fact, this is the type of experience that is suggested when displaying Panel B.

The VIEW B compiles most of the commands present on panel A of the instruments, in order to offer a simplified version.

Compared to panel A, there are still some additional functions, which are present in order to get the best of the sound material produced by the SYNTH + SEQUENCER + EFFECT combo, in a generative way.

Here is a description of additional commands present on this GUI version : 

Macro Controls

: Enable the virtual trackpad macro which controls 2 parameters of the 4 synth engines.

+ TRACKPAD : This XY macro controls the following 2 parameters of the 4 Synth engines :

  • The Modulators envelope RELEASE and the Carrier-envelope RELEASE of the STROKE engine,
    • The CUTOFF and the RESONANCE of the FRICTION engine,
      • The CUTOFF and the RESONANCE of the GROUND engine,
        • The CUTOFF and the RESONANCE of the SHOCK engine.

          Random Snapshots Generator

          At the bottom right of the panel B interface, it is possible to control the generation of SNAPSHOTS in random mode. This variation acts on a selection of parameters.

          - INSTANT RANDOM: generates a random variation of the currently active snapshot.

          - RND AUTOPLAY: When engaged, the generation of a random snapshot variant is launched automatically, after a relative timelapse synchronized to the BPM.

          - %: sets the percentage of randomization injected. The maximum range is 50%. Middle position = 25%