Mar 15th 2022

This License agreement determines, between BLINKSONIC and the purchaser, the terms of use for the product sold on

- BLINKSONIC is the legal owner of all rights and copyrights related to the software, the graphic design, the presets, the website, the documentation, and the music contained on it.

- These rights are licensed to the purchaser but not sold. This license is for a single user. Only the purchaser can use it. It means that the product can not be transferred, copied, lent, duplicated, or resold.

- The purchaser can install and use the product on up to 2 computers only.

- BLINKSONIC grants the non-exclusive right to use the software for music compositions only. It means that the purchaser can broadcast, synchronize, release in any media productions the result of the recordings works he did with the software, except in production related to sound bank, loop libraries, or other software distributions and sales.

- Themes, presets, loops, and scores contained in the product COLLIDZ° are COPYRIGHTED and cannot be used in the personal composition or music recordings, except in the case where the end-user operates a minimum of modifications and modulations, with the effect of not confusing BLINKSONIC° themes that demonstrate the software features, with the original music content created by the end-user.

Here is the playlist of all the copyrighted music themes:

Sampling, distribution, and sales of these music themes in another context of the software are strictly prohibited, with the exception of authorized remix duly credited. 

- This license does not allow sharing the software with other users on torrent and cloud services. In the case of collaborative works, every user must have his own license of the software.

- This license is effective for the lifetime of purchasers and worldwide. It gives the right to free updates of the product, except the new version.

- Software download with no warranty. BLINKSONIC is not responsible for any lost data, hardware problems, or even financial loss and health issues due to the use of the software.

- All contents of the software (features, manual..) and this agreement can be subject to change following BLINKSONIC convenience.

- To prevent piracy, BLINKSONIC cannot proceed with any refund and return. If you have any doubt before purchasing, have a look at the documentation and the demos on the site or

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